Monday, November 23, 2015

$25 · Beer bottle shaped firepit

I like to imagine that the guy's girlfriend thought the beer bottle firepit was endearing and quirky at first, but then when they married, it got super annoying, and he was like "it's awesome!" and she was like "it's me or the firepit" and he paused to think about it and then they laughed.

Seller writes: Beer bottle shaped firepit. Used about 5 time's, still in good shape. Neck of bottle comes off, can be permanently attached with a few screws. Please text 537-5685 

Can not drink actual beer out of due to the fact the body of the bottle is mesh. You could try tho if you really want to.


Friday, October 2, 2015

If wildlife photography, then this lens. (Warman, Sask.)

Holy hell, this glass right here, it's crazy. Will someone please buy this for me? It's only $6K.

Seller writes: This lens is in great shape and works very well. It comes with both hoods, a lens coat, wimberly foot, and the CT-606 case. I will also include the Nikon TC-14E teleconverter with the purchase. Please email, text or call if you have questions.


Thursday, September 10, 2015




Thursday, August 27, 2015

$25 · leg mannequins

$25.00 each - 7 leg mannequins for sale. Retail store closed. Each mannequin comes with its own individual stand.

$15.00 each - 3 short mannequins.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wizard Lessons

Seller writes: Wizard lessons. Level one, two and three wizard lessons. Ever wanted to be a wizard? Curious about the very nature of the universe and how to harness its powers? I have 98 years of wizard experience and would like to pass it on. My classes are rigorous in nature and require great commitment. The only materials you will need is a wand. Get it from any tree.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"This machine isn't designed to pickup crappuccino-voodoo-lattes at chic coffee shops" - Saskatoon

Seller writes: Do you ever find yourself stumbling in the dark after a few rye and cokes around the campfire, trying to setup your cheap green tent made for one? Do you have problems meeting smokin' hot women at craven with questionable morals?

Well those troubles vanish when you find yourself riding along in this sleezy hotel on wheels. You no longer have to be the best looking cat at the Joe Diffy concert to be #1 in the ladies hearts anymore!

All 4 wheels work when pulled behind your jacked up 1974 GMC pickup truck. The tread on these tires will send you through the trails to get you to the ultimate camping spot! With a setup like this you'll come and go faster than a virgin on prom night.

The exterior is a perfect combo of brown and yellow. Nothing screams CLASS more than this 70's rig. The interior is full to the brim with tacky colours - newly upholstered, the Hawaiian t-shirt themed couch/bed will help seal the deal (plastic sheets not included). The floors are also newly finished with laminate, nothing to complain about with this hot rod!

The locks on the door are questionable, as with any aluminum sexy home, so I am throwing in a FREE baseball bat to help defend yourself. You could take on 3 grizzly bears or a wildly disgruntled honeybadger (or if you want a gun rack, nail one to the wall. See if I care.)

Equipped with a propane stove and heater, you can cook gourmet meals and stay warm with ease..... Is what the owners manual says, but neither have been tested in 30 years. The fridge works great! Which is why I took it out and I'm selling this beast without it. The empty space leaves room for your imagination...or for a cooler for your beers that you'd like to keep cool for the duration of your time with nature.

This isn't the best looking rig around but this machine isn't designed to pickup crappuccino-voodoo-lattes at chic coffee shops, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Sending small mammals and hipsters into the woods for cover, this cabin on wheels will take you places you've never been! It may even outlive both you and your next two generations of top-notch offspring!

Askin $1200, I'm not too keen to sell but I need some extra cash to put towards my main residence at the trailer park.

If you think you are man enough to handle this rig, gimme a call. We can discuss change of ownership while drinking rye and listening to Johnny Cash.

**Ive been receiving too many calls to establish any order. The person who calls and leaves a message with the best pterodactyl call on my voicemail gets first dibs
***Baseball bat not included
****Not responsible for anything you may pick up at craven
***** Camper sold as is


Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Book your appointment to see your fetal now before they go back to their full price of $175."

Oh-kay. Definitely filing this under "weird."

FREE 3D and 4D fetal baby Ultrasound image for 3 lucky clients! (Regina and Saskatoon)

Fetal baby ultrasound image makers write: Regina fetal baby 3D ultrasound location coming soon. To celebrate this, we are giving the first 3 lucky clients free 3D/4D ultrasound scan with CD and Pictures of their baby. The rest will be 50% off for the remainder of the month. 

Come and book your appointment to see your fetal now before they go back to their full price of $175. 

*special, book appointment in March to get a free gender determination of your baby. 

*There will be no effect on the fetus baby, if you would like to know more about 3D/4D ultrasound. 
Please check our website at: 

Call us soon to book a appointment, see you soon at UC baby regina location. 

Our technician will be the same as the one in our Saskatoon location.


WANTED: 1960s / 70s Station wagon to rent / borrow for Short Film

This is a cool project. I even gave them $10 for their fundraiser. If you can help them find the right wagon, let them know.

Indie Cdn movie makers write: Looking for a 1960s station wagon to rent/borrow for an independent short film. Old wood-panelled type from the '60s/'70s -- Chevy, Buick, etc. Doesn't need to be pristine condition but MUST RUN. Rates negotiable according to dates/availability. Please email with pictures. Any leads appreciated!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Smalls hat - Regina

Seller writes: The Smalls hat! If you missed your chance for merch during the recent The Smalls reunion, then give me a text to grab this vintage style, snapback trucker hat featuring the infamous logo of the legendary band. Never been worn! $45 . (438 ) 832-6502


Saturday, February 14, 2015

$20 · Samsung Monitor: 15x20 inches of LCD dream making

Seller cleverly writes:

Hark! The sale of goods! 

O! Muse of capitalism! 

I'm selling a monitor, Samsung by make; $20 and all 15 by 20 inches is yours to take. 

Gather round, hardware seekers for tales of the machine. 
See not what the it displays for you, but what you display for the screen. 

It goes by many names: sire, scryer, savoir of men. 
See now the features of the SyncMaster 920n. 

From contests of war, tactics and thought 
of concepts forged and ideas wrought 
on liquid-crystal display, 
the pensive black traveler alight as the day. 

With lithe luminescence through the deepest Internet, 
surfed Samsung, a creature unscathed as of yet. 

Be it merchant or marauder, sage or savage 
this watching device surpasses the average. 

Be it lady, man, queen or lord, 
the purchase includes video cable and power cord. 

Weary wanderer, have you the fortune to acquire, 
email me to fulfill your desire.

First seen on twitter: Nice find @DevinPatches StumbleUpon

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Angora Ragdoll Kittens - Saskatoon


There's something creepy about these cats. Maybe in-person they're adorable, but in pictures they look confused and each eye seems to be looking in a slightly different direction than the other.

Help us.
Seller writes: "I have 1 left ready to go almost 9 weeks!! A new batch is also ready to go at 8 weeks they were born Jan 19/15 the antie to these kittens and will b the same as these other other kittens. Mabe some a little different they will b very playful and well socialized.fur is soft and fluffy.This typ of fur is low dander and shedding great for people with allergiies and they will have their FIRST SHOTS at 8 weeks.They all have for ever safire blue eyes. if interested and would like a pick of liter have parents here to see when come to see these cute fluffballs tx or call don't respond to emails much."

My eyes don't see too good.

I feel sad.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Time travel partner needed

Time traveler writes: I have invented a time machine that works quite well. Im looking for someone to come with me that has experience with alien technology and weapons. I am looking to travel into the future just a few years to prevent an alien invasion in which earth is ruled by aliens. Serious inquiries only please


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1941 Vintage Knitting Book

Seller writes: Vintage 1941 Lux knitting book, $15, in good condition, 15 min. from Regina east side, near White City, very easy directions, delivery to Regina may be considered


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vintage electronic tie selector

Seller writes: Need a Christmas gag gift for your smart dressed man? He needs an electronic tie selector and tie hanger. The colourwise tie guide will tell him which tie would go best, based on the colour of his suit, socks and shirt. Comes in original vintage box.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

$40 · Antique Bruyere Garantie Pipe

Seller writes: Antique pipe stamped "Bruyere Garantie" and "Made in Czechoslovakia". Unusual as "Souvenir of Canada" is hand-carved carved onto the bowl. Antique condition with wear in areas, but bowl is clean so looks unused. 

Price is $40. Pickup Cathedral area - see map below for location. No delivery.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Red. The colour of this car, the colour of passion.

Seller writes: Red. The colour of this car, the colour of passion. You don't drive this car; you move inside of her. The occasional groan is simply her way of saying how much she appreciates your company. 

Never fear parking up against a curb again! You will boldly venture backwards as you reverse park with supreme confidence, knowing that a scratch is but a mere flesh wound! Wounds include miscellaneous scratches and cracked windshield (think Scar from Lion King for reference)

Always quick to put on a country tune, or simply serenade you with the subtle yet distinctive musicality of a more seasoned automobile. To say it is pre loved would be disrespectful. It has and always will be loved.

Known by many names this mechanical marvel has bested many a highway in its time. No stranger to adventures, it's road tripping antics are only surpassed by its ability to get from A to B. Driving to work, the shop or even a Cougars game have all proven to be both enjoyable and possible. There is a high probability of accessing many more destinations beyond these- let your imagination run wild!

Comes with free Paul Simon cassette tape.

Only serious offers considered. Those with fuzzy dice need not apply.


Monday, July 14, 2014

$5,000 · A RARE FIND FOR SALE (Rural Sask.)

Second unusual vehicle ad today...

Seller writes: I have 2 terra jets for sale native to Quebec & Ontario 
a VA6 & a E400 the green one . 
va6 has a 12hp kohler engine 
e400 has a 13 hpHonda clone engine 
each machine is all time 4x4 . 
both machines have hi range low range & reverse.both are amphibious need a little bit of repairing to be 100% waterproof not a big deal for the age . 

will considder trade for a truck / camper or motorcycle (street bike) of equal value . 

more pics available text a 3065413204


$89,900 · 1992 Lambourghini Diablo

Not everyday a car of this caliber is sold in Regina.

Seller writes: The name says it all just testing the market for this car. $89,900.00 Call text or email. Serious inquiries please.


Monday, June 16, 2014

$50 · Super 8mm Movie stuff

Seller writes: 1970's Super8mm Movie stuff 
- viewer & splicer 
- projector 
- tripod (will fit non-Super8) 
- camera & case, film case (home movies not included, just in there for showing the case off - lol!) 

$50 for everything or Offers? 

Call Dave. 
Home 306-545-7775


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Air Canada Safety Brochures from Boeing 767 and Airbus A-320

Vandalor writes: From long since retired planes. Colour and graphics in great shape. Very unique items to have.


"Frozen" Earrings, Necklaces, Fridge Magnets, Hair Clips, More!!

Seller writes: "Frozen" bottlecap jewelry! I make these lovely 1" round caps into whatever you would like, or collect them all just as they are! 

Prices are below: 

Plain bottlecaps (c/w Frozen images) - $1.00 
Shepard hook earrings, per pair - $4.00 
Necklaces, starting at - $3.00 
Stud earrings, per pair - $4.00 
Fridge magnets - $2.00 
Key chains - $4.00 (and up, depending on the "bling") 
Broaches - $2.50 
Hair barrettes/clips - 2/$5.00 

* I can put them on colored caps for an additional charge! 
* Anything is possible with Kathy's Custom Caps!! 
* Also available: Images of anything! 
* Thousands to choose from! 
* And they're not just for little girls! I have little boys, grown women and men images to choose from, too! 
* Sports teams/logos available! 
* Photos (pictures) sent to me by computer can also be put in a bottle cap! 
* They have even been given away as a momento at a funeral! 

Make lovely, unique birthday gifts or something personal to put inside kids' goodie bags!


Friday, June 13, 2014

Hand-carved Wooden Trout - $100

Seller writes: This is a hand-carved wooden trout that is to be hung on a wall. It is great for a cabin or your husband's man-cave. It is in perfect condition. 

Email for information. Serious inquires only. Please do not ask for my address as I prefer to meet at a public place, like a coffee shop :) 

(fish, fishing, fathers day, picture, sport, wood, carving, handmade,)


Friday, June 6, 2014

Ukrainian Golf Ball

I thought this was going to be some culturally inappropriate joke post. But it was not. Also, did you know that the Ukrainian Golf Association of Canada is a thing that exists?


Friday, May 30, 2014

Retro 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 camper van

Seller writes: 1977 Tradesman 200 Camper van with well maintained 360 motor that runs great. Funky retro 70's style interior. Propane stove, fridge and furnace. Side facing beach seat that sleeps two. Sink and potapotty toilet. New retro curtains to match the funky orange & red couch and gold shag. Plenty of cupboards and storage over cab. New rear flooring. Clean. Good tires. Cruise. Low kms. 73080 km. StumbleUpon

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Revenge Porn - Regina

Most of the time, the items I pull from the used sites that cover the province are silly, weird or funny in some way. But this morning, I found something disturbing.

It was revenge porn.

Someone from Regina posted a normal, non-sexual image of his ex-girlfriend. At the bottom of the post was a link to a revenge site. When I followed the link, I found a photo of her naked body from the neck down, presumably the same woman.

It seems wrong to attempt to damage one's ex's reputation in such a way.

I reported the ad to the website, so hopefully it will be taken down soon.

Update: The post was removed. Here's a screen grab of the original post, edited to conceal the woman's identity and link to the revenge site.


2 huskies for sale - $600


Seller writes: I have two beautiful huskies, one is a male pure bread Siberian who loves to cuddle and play and receive attention. the other is a female who is more independent and doesn't mind being on her own with no attention but will come and get it when she sees its there. they are both fixed and have to go together as they have been together since puppies. everything is included, dog house ( insulated ) dog dishes and leashes etc. they have lived outside for the past two years and are both currently 6. any questions or want to come see them just send me an email or text


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"looking for a Text Messaging Friend"

Hello Woman In My 40s. Can I make a suggestion? I think kijiji is the wrong place to search for the support you seek. You'll have more success in an online forum. Try googling "emotional support forum" and see about joining one.

Poster writes: Have you ever spent a night crying wishing you had a supportive friend to talk to? 

Have you ever needed to just be told " I Care and can Listen?" 

Would even a cyber hug be just the fix you need? 

I know this would help me and i can give this to someone as well. 

We all have our rough roads to travel and sometimes the road would be a little more easy if we had a supportive friend right handy in our pocket for those moments; 

I am a woman in my 40's just looking for a friend to keep handy during those rough moments in life. 

I do check my e-mail daily and i am unsure of the response i might get through this. I will be responding back in the order i receive replies. 

thanking you.


2 Vintage Samsonite Red Hardcase Suitcase - Regina

Some people have a thing for these...

Seller writes: 2 Vintage Samsonite Red Hardcase Suitcase 

Easy Identify suitcases when travelling Bright Red 
Hardcase to protect belongings 
Compartments for organizing 

Set of 2 Vintage Luggage Cases Excellent shape 
large with 2 wheels and tow rope 25" X 19" X 8" 
smaller size 19" X 15" X 6" 
smaller size fits in larger case 

Inner & Outter all red 
Both have original Samsonite Identification tags


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hippie van (body odour not included) - $12K

It's the form of a hippie icon with nothing of its substance. I mean, come on: trippin'Imagine? More like, imagine breaking down on the highway between Gull Lake and Piapot, omg! why did we buy this thing!? where's my cell phone!? Shut-up Moon, I'm trying to think!

Seller writes: 1970 VW Westfalia for condition.reasonable offers will not be ignored.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Sorry, the internet already did that.

"Let's see how far we can go." Friend, you're looking at it.

Wasting your time writes: This obviously is a green lighter which I would like to trade for something bigger or better. It could be a pen, a shoe, a hat, well anything. If you would like to trade me for something else I'd love to hear from you :) I will come to you wherever you are to trade. 

I heard an exciting story about hard work and fun. He traded a small item for something a little bigger and bigger until he surpassed his wildest dreams. I'm about to put this idea to the test. Let's see how far we can go. Email me. 

Wish me luck :)


Mr. & Mrs. Damask Sign

At first, it looks to be two different photos. But the MRS what-ever-you-call-it creeps over to the MR side. But then why the two shades of grey in the background? And I'm not even going to get into that pose. That is some weird shit. Also, how is email "sometimes iffy"? Do you mean that you forget you have email? Or do you mean your email sometimes works and sometimes doesn't?

Seller writes: It speaks for itself. Makes a great photo prop, but it was purchased to used on the wedding cake table. 

If email is unanswered, please text or call my cell. Email is sometimes iffy. Thanks!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"This radio was owned by a member of a real famous bike gang." What? - Prince Albert, Sask.

Seller writes: this is a rare radio in good working condition. It is full radio bands plus short wave. It is all original condition and I think it is from the 1940's as far as I can tell. The glass was cracked and now broke but easily replaced. Real wood cabinet that stand approx. 38" high. This radio was owned by a member of a real famous bike gang. I real nice piece of furniture and a very collectible item. Call for more details . I have other smaller antique radios as well and would look as selling as a package


That woman is standing on her horse - Melfort, Sask.

On further reading the post, it seems that Brooklyn is an enterprising young woman (if indeed that is Brooklyn in the photo) from James Smith First Nation who just might be in the business of training and selling horses. Neato.

Seller writes: 2 horses ones a Shetland he's great for riding I trained him myself, the other is a great riding horse doesn't kick or buck absolutely loves children.. They're both sorrels with blazes on their forehead .. Contact me using my email for the price of the horses name is Brooklyn Daniels I live in James smith .. North road . Keep going till you see a white horse fence with a barn and a grain shed inside the fence.. Im selling them both for $2000 and if u want just one horse then it's $1000 please contact me . I do not live in Prince Albert..